ET is both a cleaner for the lubricating circuit and an anti-friction coating.

Detergent with anti-friction PTFE, for lubrication circuit. The most advanced concept of engine cleaner. Highly performing and safe cleaning action of the lubrication circuit: gradual, deeper and detailed than traditional products. The anti-friction protective content, based on Ptfe, makes cleaning possible during normal use of the vehicle on the road at operating pressures of the engine oil, maximizing the cleaning effectiveness of the lubrication circuit, in a and safe way.

Fundamental for the maintenance and periodic care of the engine:

  • restores proper lubrication
  • protects engine efficiency and performance
  • reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

For all types of engines.

Traditional detergents, during the cleaning phase of the lubrication circuit, caused a decrease in the lubricating power of the oil; for this they must be used when the vehicle is stationary by running the engine in neutral for a few minutes. ET being also an anti-friction coating at the same time, it is the only product that allows cleaning with the vehicle in motion. The result is a qualitatively much more effective cleaning. ET works at operating oil pressures, in all conditions of use of the engine, with the engine under load and in a few hundred km.
Thanks to the refined detergency that allows the sludge to be dissolved and the ducts to be released gradually, ET is also ideal for cases with problems in hydraulic tappets, turbines or for unblocking glued piston segments, etc. It releases a protective anti-friction coating on the engine surfaces.
In turbocharged engines, ET has a double importance: it cleans all the lubrication ducts of the turbine, subject to high temperatures, in which lacquers and fillings are formed. In addition, by coating the turbocharger bearing with a PTFE anti-friction coating, it protects against wear even in the absence of dynamic lubrication (oil) and guarantees lubrication up to double the temperature at which lubricating oils can reach, increasing their duration. The improved smoothness decreases the inertia of the turbo and guarantees an increase in performance.
The protective coating decreases the energy absorbed by friction, improving smoothness and performance. Thanks to the sealing properties of the anti-friction coating, it improves the seal between the couplings, that is, it generates better compression to the advantage of a more efficient and cleaner combustion. They reduce oil leaks, exhaust smoke and fuel consumption.
Suitable for any type of engine: direct or indirect injection petrol, turbo, hybrid, Multiair, Diesel, Wankel, Lpg, etc. Cleaning is recommended at least every 30 – 40,000 km.

ET is safe on every component, has no contraindications and can also be used before each service.

Use and dosage

Cleaning is recommended at least every 30 – 40,000 km. Use before servicing.

  1. warm up the engine
  2. turn the can upside down and SHAKE it well
  3. add ET to the engine oil and travel for about an hour in a row to allow the product to clean. It is advisable to let ET act for a few hundred km to complete the cleaning before draining the used oil. In cases of very dirty engines, it is possible to discharge the sludge dissolved by the detergent action already after the first hour of use. It is always possible, in the case of very dirty engines, if you want to increase the cleaning effect of ET, a few minutes before draining the used oil, also add Rapidflush as a further rinse, by running the engine with the vehicle stationary.
  4. after replacing the oil and filter, we recommend adding the concentrated protective anti-friction coatings, Sintoflon Protector or Protector Racing.


0 – 600cc = 150 ml
600 – 2000cc = 250 ml
2000 – 4000cc = 500 ml
4000 – 8000cc = 1000 ml

The recommended sufficient dosage is according to the displacement but also according to the amount of sludge present in the lubrication circuit.