Ptfe-based anti-friction concentrate. Protective surface coating based on the material with the lowest coefficient of friction, drastically reduces friction and increases smoothness.

Protects mechanical parts from deterioration, recovers wear. Already in minimal percentages compared to engine oil, it considerably reduces friction and wear. The increased smoothness allows to reduce energy absorption, temperatures generated by friction and noise. The engine is protected even in the phases in which traditional lubrication is lacking, for example: at cold starts, but also after long periods of vehicle standstill when the mechanical parts have little or no oil lubrication or when at high temperatures and in heavy duty cases avoids deleterious metal-to-metal contacts.

At the same time it increases the seal in the couplings (compression) and decreases any oil leakage. Optimizes combustion for greater efficiency and performance. Increases fuel economy and environmental sustainability: reduces polluting emissions and improves performance.

It extends the life of the oil because it reduces thermal stress (lower temperatures), mechanical stress (less metal wear) and less chemical pollution (fuel that percolates from the combustion chambers) to which the lubricant is subjected. Extends the life of the engine. Especially recommended on collectible mechanics. Ideal for all types of engines and vehicles: petrol direct or indirect injection, turbo, hybrid, Multiair, Diesel, Wankel, gas, etc.

The anti-friction coating is essential in turbocharged engines. By decreasing friction, it improves smoothness and decreases the turbo response inertia (turbo lag); the result is an increase in torque delivery and better driveability. In addition, the Ptfe coating guarantees the lubrication of the turbo up to more than double the temperatures that can be reached by engine oils, protecting and increasing its duration.

Use and dosage

  1. with clean oil and filter, add Protector to the oil when the engine is hot
  2. introduce no more than 250 ml at a time and then go on the road for 10-20 minutes to allow the protective coating of the metals.

Since Protector is the anti-friction surface coating and not an oil additive, in the case of dirty engines or with mileage starting from 40-50k km, before using Protector it is advisable to clean the lubrication circuit with ET and eliminate sludge that hinders both dynamic lubrication and the correct anti-friction coating of metals.

From 1000 to 2000 cc 250 ml is recommended.

Wet clutch motorcycles and single oil circuit for engine and gearbox: decrease the dosage and increase the frequency of treatments. For example 125ml after the service.