Protector Klima is a treatment for cooling compressors; it reduces wear and optimises efficiency.
Protector is produced in packs of 125 ml, 500 ml.

The product is made from micronised PTFE and includes a gas leak detector.Product for use by professionals; apply when the air conditioners are refilled.

  • drastic reduction in wear;
  • improved compressor efficiency;
  • increased cooling capacity;
  • reduction in noise;
  • increases compressor service life;
  • reduced power consumption;
  • detection of possible gas leaks;
  • acts as a sealant against possible micro leaks from the system.

Cooling gas is compressed by a reciprocating compressor, usually 5 pin.The stroke is adjusted by a variable inclination flange according to the required flow.These parts work hard, and generate a lot of friction; consequently the wear is accentuated. This wear leads to a decrease in piston compressions, which therefore fail to compress the gas sufficiently, which generates a decrease in the cooling capacity and greater power absorption by the engine.

Protector Klima provides an anti-friction coating on metal that drastically reduces compressor wear, and thus increases service life; this leads to other benefits, such as lower power consumption and greater cooling capacity. Furthermore, the micronised PTFE coating also acts as a sealant against possible micro leaks from the system.

Compatible with all types of refrigerants currently used for refilling air conditioners, including the R134A and the new R1234yf.

Use and dosage

Add Protector Klima to the oil when refilling the compressor.Pour it into the glass and add it to the circuit.Can be added pure or mixed.

Addition of 10% relative to oil content is sufficient to protect pistons against premature wear.More can be added, primarily for the purpose of micro porosity saturation.