Multi-purpose pack for the latest generation Diesel engines; nobilises the fuel , improves the parameters and converts normal fuel to “Premium”.
Dieselube is produced in packs of 125 ml, 300 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml.

Acts on the injection equipment, on the combustion process and the exhaust systems. Dieselube is formulated to meet the needs of today’s diesel fuels and the increased number problems caused by the introduction of biofuels.

  • increases stability of diesel fuel over time, counteracts oxidation;
  • does not contain any corrosive components;
  • keeps the injection equipment clean;
  • increases combustion efficiency;
  • reduces fuel consumption;
  • increases power and torque;
  • reduces particulates and smoke;
  • keeps Fap / Dpf clean;
  • stabilises biodiesel (up to B30) over time, counteracting the processes of decay;
  • ignificantly increases the cetane index, increases performance, cleans exhaust emissions.

Use and dosage

Add to diesel fuel when refilling.

Optimal if continuously added to the fuel in small doses to increase efficiency and prevent various problems. Recommended amount to add: from a minimum of 1 ml per litre of diesel oil to be treated to 2 ml per litre or more depending on the increase of performance desired. Dieselube can be mixed with all types of Diesel, however, for the maximum noticeable difference, combination with “regular”diesel fuels is recommended.




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