Removes dirt of all types, even old deposits, in a gentle way without corroding metals or damaging paintwork.


Super concentrated detergent with alkaline reactions, ultra high efficiency, indicated for the removal of dirty and particularly tenacious fatty deposits, and deposits of old organic and inorganic materials from parts that are always dirty (mechanical parts, pistons, engines, truck tarpaulins, industrial machinery and surfaces).

  • non-corrosive to metals and aluminium;
  • biodegradable;
  • contains no phosphates, respects the operator’s health
  • contains biodegradable amphoteric surfactants with a high cleaning power, that protect the metal from oxidation;
  • liquid product with low viscosity, even at winter temperatures;
  • indicated for cold wash cycles in the automotive industry, the marine industry and all industrial areas with high levels of grease and smog;
  • leaves a pleasant, fresh smell.