Sintoflon 2T Racing is concentrated friction reducer for two-stroke engines that are subject to large amounts of wear and consequently have a short service life.
Manufactured in packs of 125 ml.

2T Racing creates an anti-friction coating based on PTFE that:

  • reduces friction and wear and tear on components;
  • increases smoothness;
  • no risk of seizures;
  • aumenta la scorrevolezza;
  • reduces temperatures, vibrations;
  • improves performaces;
  • no decline in “after race” performance;
  • increases engine life.

Recommended for continuous use in 2T Racing in small percentages of additives e.g. 0.1 to 0.3% of the mixture, subtracting at least the same percentage to the amount of oil normally used.
From this initial trial data, it will then be possible to “shave” the percentage of oil further, that is, you will be able to drive with a “leaner” mixture, because the lubricity of Sintoflon 2T Racing – volume for volume – is far higher than that of oil alone.

Use and dosage

Continuous use in small quantities is recommended.If a separate mixer, add small doses of 2T Racing to the oil tank, preferably when it is not full, to keep the solution moving. We do not recommended adding before a period of non-use to avoid sedimentation.Consume as much fuel from the tank as possible.When an increase in compression is evident, adjust the fuel in anticipation.




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